11 days.

11 more days to #thefiqsxweds ..

Today is our last fitting with RH Bridal. 

All the mixed emotions. Yes, the wedding jitters.

Last meet up today with Mr Fiance till our nikah day on the 24th December. Tsk tsk! Going to miss him badly  😣

In shaa Allah, the day we meet again, we will be lawfully wedded husband & wife. 



Sorry for the no updates on the wedding, been caught with work and wedding preps. And we are 63 days to #thefiqsxweds. Time flies babe! 

I can say we are about 60% done with almost everything.

– Went for our ROMM interview last month

– Berkat boxes folded and packed (Left with 5 boxes)

– Invitations cards from Kadlawo have been collected (Will be distributed in November) 

– Went for our outfit selections @ RH Bridal

Well, almost done right? And for that, I thanked my aunties & uncles for all the efforts in helping me fold and pack the berkats. Cause it’s a not 1-man kinda job as we have to fold the boxes, then fill it with the jars, to check whether the jar lids are dented or the jar glasses are broken. That much work okay .. But without them, I am sure I couldn’t finish it up. Love you all lah! 

And my invitations cards are beautifully done by KadLawo. Absolutely love how it turned out to be! And exactky what I asked for. Although there are a few hiccups, they managed to pull it through. Thank you KadLawo team!

Here comes the exciting part of my hiatus, my decor & first bridal appointment! The ones that I have been waiting for so long. Hehe!

So well, my decor appointment comes first though. Hasyim & Cik Ros from RH met my Mama & me to recce my MPH then we proceed to my house for the detailed parts. Basically, I just told Hasyim what I wanted, colour schemes for the decor, flowers, and he said that I’m one of those customers who knows what I want so it’s easy for him to deliver his part. Everything was so smooth. And I am so excited to see the outcome of the decor, the sketch he did, just blew my mind! Hahaha! (Hint: Blush pink & champagne) although I have to top up another $600 for the flowers as it’s peak period and flowers are extremely pricey at that time, I don’t really mind. Mak aku cakap aku ni minah pinky pink! Even my sister pening with me cos everything I want must have that touch of pink. Yes, I am that crazy for the colour pink!

And my outfit selections with Kak Anna from RH Bridal was a week after my decor appt. Fiance & me planned to just go by ourselves but in the end, we brought my Mama & sister to help us. Sad that Mami (Fiance’s mum) couldn’t join us that day as she wasn’t feeling well. When we were there, Kak Anna greeted & attended us. Such a nice & easy-going lady to speak to. Then comes the selecting of outfits, like I tell you, I know what I want right? Nikah outfit was a clear choice, the first dress is my choice. It was love at first sight & first try. That got my fiance went speechless, lost for words .. His smile tells it all. I shy lah! Although I thought of wearing other light colours like soft blue or peach for nikah but in the end, my dress is an off-white dress. Sanding outfit – Kak Anna chose for me all the traditional songket. No trails, no laces on my songket. No modern touch. And specifically, I selected all the bright colours. Hehe! Okay .. I sound like a bridezilla here. 

So I tried on all the songket, from light blue, light yellow, bright yellow, black-gold to the final choice, well … I won’t tell. Hehe! Surprise la kan .. 

I haven’t choose my 2 gowns though as Kak Anna told me that in early November they will have new gowns coming in. So I shall wait for my next bridal appt then.

The wedding is getting closer & closer and I’m getting nervous as days past .. My free time are now spend on spring cleaning the room, doing everything gotta do with the wedding. 

Till the next update. 

63 more days! 


Hello ladies! 

I am looking for a live station vendor. Preferably Churros or any cold desserts. My budget is $700. 

I found one which offers a good price but sadly, they are not opening slot for my event date as they are joining CelebFest Year End Sale. Why oh why? 😦 

Suggestions or reccomendations please. Thanks! 😉 

Less than 150 days…

2016-08-02 23.45.28

Hello BTBs!

Yes, we are actually 144 days away from #thefiqsxweds!

Being the kiasu bride, we finally registered our marriage on the first day it open for registration which was last Thursday. Took the day off just for this although I feel like tak perlu. But nevermind. Haha! So our chosen Naib Kadi will be Ustaz Zahid Zin. Feeling cerita “Kisah Tok Kadi” .. Not! Well .. Nervous yet excited cause the day is getting nearer & nearer. Just where did all the time go & I’m getting married soon already? 

And on another happier note, I booked the MPH (multi-purpose hall) near my house. Yeahhhhhh! Alhamdulillah. Got it all done on that Thursday. I am so productive that day I tell you. Running errands all day. Macam superwoman! But thank you to my fiancefor following me around all day. 

Our barang hantarans” are almost done, I’m left to get my watch & shoes. While the fiance is left with spectacles. Gotta get all the stuffs before October as after October will be our last kopek savings. 

My berkats are ready to collect too but shall wait till September cause need to do some spring cleaning before we can make space for the boxes. And I will need to email KadLawo regarding my wedding invitations too. Need to send the cards for printing in September.

For now, I think we are about 55% on the wedding prep. So many things to do yet so little time.

Gonna end my singlehood days in about 4 months. 


Pasal saksi.

Hello ladies! 

Tomorrow S & me can finally register for our ROMM. Anyway, I have a question. 

For the saksi part, is it both witness from my side or 1 saksi fron each side? I’m so confused lah! Help me out here please 😰 Thank you in advance!



I have been away for such a long time!

But today, I have a question. So hope you ladies could share with me about this issue.

For booking of MPH, it have to be 180 days in advance righf? How is the charges? Different town council, different rate is it?

Cause I don’t know how much I have to put aside for this.

So if any of you ladies could share with me, I would be delighted.

Thanks! 😘

JB Trip.


Dah berhabuk my blog ni!

Actually I got nothing much to update about, now S & me are just anxiously waiting to attend our pre-marriage course with Pada Service in 2 weeks time. Cepat pe! The fiance is getting excited to attend the course whereby I’m just having this mixed emotions between scared & excited. Yes, it’s making me nervous. Cause from what I see, we have to interact with other couples. Sorry but I suck at interacting cause I tend to get really nervous when it comes to meeting to new people. On another note, S is calming me down and saying that it will be alright & just follow the flow.

Oh yes, S & me went to JB last 2 weeks Wednesday to actually take my tailored baju kurungs at Larkin but this boy managed to woo-ed me over to have lunch first. I suggested that we eat at Seoul Garden but he don’t want cause he wants to eat Manhattan Fish Market. Which makes me so geram with him. In SG pun ader Manhattan Fish Market sey cos Seoul Garden SG now like merepek. So I mengalah and we ate at MFM,




We were too full to even order a dessert. Hahaha! I must say it’s cheaper here than in SG. And we ended up not going to Larkin cause dah tak larat.

So we decided to go walk around JB, walking around there is kinda scary, was holding to S’s hand the whole time especially when we passed by the “Little India of JB” .. that’s what we called it. Haha! Cause out of nowhere, the indians transvestite will walk out from those lorongs. Seram ok! So we made our way to Kad Lawo since we are already around there. Sadly they were closed as they were attending some course. Hampa sangat cause we walked all the way from JB Sentral to go to there. But despite our disappointment, we found Chaiwalla & Co. …


And lucky us, they just opened and we are the first customer. We ordered their Thai Milk Iced Tea with Chocolate Pudding as our topping. Oh hell yes! Heavenly good! After the long walk, it’s definitely worth it to try. Then we walked around there, alot of hipster cafes tapi semua belum bukak cause we are too early.

JB trip was worth it cause that’s the only time we got to spend with each other as S is always working shift and overtime whenever he can. This man of mine here is working so hard for our future. Hehe! Salute you b!

The highlight of our short trip was taking the KTM train back to SG. RM5 for 5 minutes. Boleh la! My first time taking train, so I is very jakun.

Excited little goobers!

Our short trip was funfilled and just what we needed. Time spent together.

Till my next post about our pre-marriage course.

10 months to go.


We have left with about 10 months to go and still a lot to get done. But Alhamdulillah all the major vendors are done for my side but not on S’s side. Long story =.=”

Nevertheless, we have recently met up with Akid from Kompang Alunan Armada, he just briefly explained to us what to expect on that day and deposit settled.

And our pre-marriage course is in a month time, I felt that we are abit kiasu cause it’s quite early for us to go as I see some couples went to the pre-marriage course like 2/3 months before their wedding. Well, the thing is we just want to get this done fast as S is working shift and it’s difficult for him to have off days on the weekends.

We are also still deciding on where to go for our honeymoon. This is another issue. Initially, my plan was to go Sydney-> Melbourne but the fiance doesn’t want to. Sekejap dia nak pergi Bali, sekejap nak pergi Gold Coast. Then my parents pulak cakap suruh pergi Lombok->Bali … sigh! Then S who is gila surfing and wants to try surfing, still cannot decide to go Bali or Gold Coast. And I am not a big fan of water sports, anything got to do with swimming/diving at the sea. Yes I am kental, but I is very the segan with the sea creatures.

Oooohhhh! And my hardworking Mama is making something mini & cute for my wedding.

Mini Flowers !!!!! 🌹🌹🌹

She said that it’s for decorations for my signage. Hmmmm.. pretty creative though.

I wish I have magical & creative hands like my Mama and sissy. I always jadi tukang sibuk je.

okay now let’s hit the sack!

Is it okay to not have lots of bridemaids & groommens?

Hello ladies!

This issue have been in my head for such a long time. Trust me, it’s for real.

Basically, I do not have that big circle of friends nor do S too.
We do not have alot of friends, I mean friends yes but not that very close. Everyone just drift apart, you know. Everyone had their own thing to deal with. But the thing is I actually have my maid of honor already, it’s my bestfriend of 14 years, Sasha. And the itchy mouth me, I already have accidentally told another friend that she is one of my bridemaids too but now we barely even contact each other. Doesn’t even ask how my wedding preps is doing/going. Is it fine if I uninvite her to be my bridemaid? I do not want to hurt her feelings nor do I want to feel like I’m some kind of a b****.

But S & me have decided to keep our bridemaids & groommens circle small. How now brown cow?

Btb’s .. what should I do eh? Any suggestion what I should do about this? I feel bad though 😦

XOXO, Fyqah M.Noh 💋

Kompang sendiri boleh tak?

I am in a huge dilemma when it comes to this.

The fiance & me is going haywire trying to find a perfect kompang group eversince Akrab Kompang is fully booked. That part broke my heart ok!

They are just super good & so hyper!
So jealous of my sissy that she get to book them for her wedding next year. Hahaha!

But nevertheless, Abang Ilhami & Kak Marlia from MIS Entertainment did recommend us a few kompang groups that they had contacts with. They did save us from all the searching. Trust me, they have been a great help on this.

We finally have come to a decision that we will be taking Kumpulan Kompang Alunan Armada. You ladies should check them out. Very merdu. Alhamdulillah, I found them! Thanks to Abg Ilhami & Kak Marlia for the recommendation.

Will be meeting Akid from Alunan Armada next week, most probably. Shall see how the fiance’s work schedule like.

Finally, kompang off the list! Can sleep in peace. Haha!

XOXO, Fyqah M.Noh 💋